Going Places

We are all going places. Churches. Restaurants. Gas Stations. Department Stores. Colleges. Different cities. Different States. Different Countries. Have you ever thought that all of these places are threads that God is using to create your story. How neat that each unique experience is used to shape you more into God’s image!

I am reading an amazing, life-changing book called Restless by Jennie Allen. She is an incredible author that writes in a clear-cut, enjoyable and challenging style. I highly highly recommend her.

She writes, “Do we stay in our place, or do we need to go? Place is so important to our purpose; it determines the environment that nourishes us and the people we come into contact with.”

This really challenged me. Right now, God has called me to GO from the Church. At the beginning of this job transition, my heart was deeply saddened at the thought of leaving the Church, my home. But let me ask you…what is it about home that makes us not want to leave? Do you feel safe and comfortable at home? I know I do. I feel safe and comfortable at the Church. And now, God is calling me to go and right now I don’t know where that place is…but I know that it will bring challenges and nourishment from new people and new experiences that will benefit the Kingdom. I have hope and excitement for where God is leading me!

While reading and pondering the different places that have had the biggest impact on my life, three cities immediately came to mind. I’m sure some of you can guess what they are 🙂

Let me take you on a journey to some of the places that have shaped me into the woman I am today…



Fall Getaway 2010


Seattle Summer Project 2009 100

All the girls!



My Small Group!

I wish I had time to dive in deeper and describe how much these places and people mean to me. I love them with all of my heart. God has used these places and people to create in my 3 distinctive characteristics that I never knew about myself:

  1. Toledo – I have a heart for discipleship and walking with girls one-on-one as they learn about who God is; and my passion to go after social justice within the realm of fighting Sex-Trafficking.
  2. Seattle – I found a new love for those incarcerated. They are people loved by God just like me.
  3. Los Angeles – God grew my heart for missions and the desire to see ALL PEOPLES and ALL NATIONS reached for Christ!

My challenge to you is to open your eyes to the current place that you’re in. It may be hard. It may be the time of your life. It may be stressful. It may be enjoyable. Ask God to give you a new appreciation of the place you’re in and you might enjoy some fun adventures along the way 🙂

Jennie also wrote, “Life is too short to spend much time worrying about where on this planet you should be. As Jim Elliot, the great martyr missionary said, ‘Wherever you are, be all there.'”

I encourage you to value and appreciate the season and place you are in right now. Yes there are rough spots, but those rough spots are threads that will weave into a beautiful story that displays God’s love, not only for others to see, but for yourself as well.

Enjoy your place. I’m praying for you. I love you.


One thought on “Going Places

  1. Laecen says:

    This will speak to so many Erika! Your time will come, with the place He wills you to go will be given to you. You bring too much joy and have a way with sharing God’s love and forgiveness, to stay in your comfort zone. I finally broke out of mine and am really loving that I did, a few months ago.

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